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What Warhol Would Do

Madonna, 1993


Madonna is a series of serigraphic portraits of the pop icon Madonna.


ChatGPT about the works:


The Madonna series can be considered a tribute to Warhol and his iconic pop art style. Warhol was known for depicting celebrities and pop culture icons in his work.


The Madonna series continues this tradition and presents an interpretation of Warhol's style and aesthetic. It is also possible to see the series as a kind of homage to Warhol, where the artist Ramsø continues his work and makes Madonna a new icon in the series.


Madonna was shown at the exhibition January '93, which was curated by Professor Vibeke Mencke Nielsen. The exhibition consisted of graphic works by the students of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Graphic School as well as classical masters such as Dürer, Rembrandt, Gaugin, Goya, Købke and Krøyer.

NOTE: The English street artist Banksy made the same artistic move when he portrayed the supermodel Kate Moss in Warhol's characteristic style, but a full 12 years later, i.e. in 2005.

Madonna‭, ‬1993

Silkscreen print on paper

50‭ ‬x 50‭ ‬cm

Series of prints in editions of 1

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