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Beyond Sculpture


Beyond Sculpture, 2021–


Beyond Sculpture shows sculptural forms in 3D generated renderings.


ChatGPT about the works:


Beyond Sculpture explores sculptural forms and their visual expression through 3D-generated renderings. The project gives the artist the opportunity to create and manipulate forms that cannot necessarily be created in reality due to limitations in the material or physical construction.


With 3D rendering, the artist can create sculptures that are so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish between the digital image and reality. Beyond Sculpture challenges our perception of reality and creates a new form of art where the digital reality is just as valid as the physical one.


The project also focuses on the influence of technology on art and our perception of it. It shows how technology can be used to create completely new expressions and how it can change our perception of art and reality.


Multiple versions and sizes, both digital and in print

Individually titeld in series

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