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Brands from the future




Textron 3000, Clone, Repro 3024 and Dope Deli are a series of digital works that appear as advertisements for products from the future.


ChatGPT about the works:


The works reflect on a number of topics, including technological development, ethics and geopolitics. By exploring possible future products and companies, they provide insight into what may happen in the future if certain trends continue.


Textron 3000 comments on our dependence on energy in the future and that technology can play a crucial role in meeting our energy needs. Clone raises questions about genetic manipulation and what it means for our ideas about identity and diversity. Repro 3024 raises questions about access to technology and the ethical implications of being able to recreate anything in record time. Dope Deli raises questions around food and drink production and how technology can play a role in improving access to food.


The works were part of the exhibition Sizefiction at Galleri Egelund in Copenhagen, in collaboration with visual artist Anne Marie Ploug.

Textron 3000, Clone, Repro 3024 and Dope Deli, 1997

Laminated digital print

40 x 40 cm

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