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Alter Reality


Prøvebillede 19:37:44 shows Danish television's broadcast test signal painted on canvas. Colors and time code have changed compared to what was originally shown on TV.


ChatGPT about the work:


The artwork comments on our perception of reality and our willingness to be misled. The test image was a well-known part of Danish television (Danmarks Radio, DR) history, and the artist has manipulated colors and time code in a subtle way that makes the viewer wonder what else could be manipulated on the TV screen.


The work was part of an application to enter the Royal Danish Academy of Arts and was later acquired by a person related to Danmarks Radio. This shows how works of art can have a life cycle that goes beyond the original intentions of the artist and can have significance for a wider societal context.

Prøvebillede 19:37:44‭, 1990

Acryllic paint on canvas

120‭ ‬x‭ ‬150‭ ‬cm

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