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Mime Me



Mime Me is a series of digitally manipulated images with motifs of paintings exhibited in galleries.


ChatGPT about the works:


The project Mime Me takes its point of departure from the Internet phenomenon Meme and manipulates it by elevating it to works of art. In doing so, the project points to several different themes, including originality, relevance and impermanence.


​Meme culture is characterized by its fast and ephemeral nature, where Memes are copied and shared quickly on the Internet, and where they often lose their meaning and relevance quickly. Mime Me comments on this fleeting and transitory culture and asks questions about what makes something art and what gives it meaning.


By manipulating Memes and turning them into imaginary works of art in manipulated settings, the project gives Memes more meaning than originally intended by the creator. In doing so, it also challenges the concept of originality and questions how much of an artistic process is involved in creating Memes.


In this way, the Mime Me project functions as a commentary on several different themes and challenges our perception of what gives meaning and relevance and what makes something art.

Mime Me has not yet been realized as physical works.

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