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50%‭ ‬free, 1994

50% free is a screen-printed poster in a limited edition.


ChatGPT about the work:


The phrase "50% free" or "50% extra" is often used as a marketing strategy to entice consumers to buy a product or service. It's a tactic that appeals to consumers' desire to get more for their money and creates a sense of value and satisfaction.


In the work 50% free, however, there is a certain degree of manipulation in that strategy, as it is not possible to compare the product with a previous state where no extras were included. The work points to the importance of consumers being aware of this tactic and thinking critically about whether it is really a good deal.


In general, it is important to remember that advertising and marketing are often designed to influence our behavior and emotions in a certain way. By being aware of this and thinking critically, we can make more informed decisions and avoid being manipulated by marketing strategies.

50%‭ ‬free‭, ‬1994

Silkscreen print on flourisent paper

50‭ ‬x 70‭ ‬cm

Edition of 20

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