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Registered is a series of postcards in fluorescent colors presented in UV light. The graphic design only consists of the registered trademark ® in different colourful constellations.


ChatGPT about the work:


The registered trademark on the postcards is not linked to any specific company or product, and thus the focus has shifted from the product to the right to own a trademark.


The artwork asks questions about branding and companies' influence on consumers. The consumer's rights in relation to being exposed to and manipulated by brands and commercial messages are brought into focus, and the artwork suggests that the power lies with the companies that want to communicate their message.


By using luminescent surfaces and maximum visibility, Registered prevents the consumer from passing the artwork unnoticed, thereby emphasizing the importance of exposure. The artwork can be seen as a commentary on how companies use branding to influence consumers and put themselves at the center of attention.


The artists Anne Marie Ploug, John Kørner and Ramsø functioned in 1993-95 as an exhibition group making individual works based on a common concept. At the exhibition Hype, the main concept was to make art works that had a hyper-contemporary expression and all works therefore incorporated a label with the word Hype. The visuality was generally ongoing, insistent and different from the art scene of the time and the inspiration drawn from the music environment, technology and the alternative scene in general. Hype was graphically "borrowed" from MTV's series of the same name, and inspired by this, the opening featured live D.J. (Master Fatman and Kat D) and party atmosphere.


Registered was part of the exhibition Hype in Kunsthal Overgaden, Copenhagen in 1993. 



Registered‭, ‬1993

Silkscreen print on flouriscent cardboard

14‭ ‬postcards each 14,5‭ ‬x 10‭ ‬cm

Installation with UV-light on black backdrop

Edition of 100 (postcards only)

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