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Guns of America


Guns of America, 2016

Guns of America is a series of digital images that shows pictures of real handguns colored to look like water pistols.


ChatGPT about the works:


Guns of America is a project that aims to highlight the cultural obsession with guns in America by depicting real handguns that have been painted in bright colors to resemble toy water guns. The project aims to blur the line between what is deadly and what is harmless, and to highlight the potential danger of guns in our society.


Guns are designed to kill, and regardless of their color or shape, they have the potential to cause serious harm or even death. The issue of gun ownership is a complex and controversial one, with arguments for both the right to bear arms and for stricter gun control laws.


There are a staggering number of firearms in the hands of private citizens around the world, and the intentions and handling of these weapons can vary widely. Guns of America points to the importance of promoting responsible gun ownership and use, as well as addressing the underlying issues that contribute to gun violence, such as poverty, mental health, and access to firearms.

Guns of Amerika, 2016
Digital print
Multiple versions and sizes

Individually titeld by names of guns

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