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Deface Reface



Limited edition Artist Book with 42 digital collages which are portraits of famous people where their eyes, mouth and nose have been replaced with those of other famous people.


ChatGPT about the work:


Deface Reface is a thought-provoking artist book that challenges the artificial manipulation of appearances by public figures, especially in the entertainment industry. By replacing the eyes, mouth, and nose of well-known people with those of other famous individuals, the book highlights the unrealistic expectations placed on celebrities to look visually appealing and forever young, leading many to resort to artificial enhancements that obscure their true features.


The resulting collages may look familiar, but their unnatural and spliced nature disrupts our recognition of the celebrities and blurs the line between reality and fiction. As a result, Deface Reface raises questions about the notion of authenticity and identity in the age of digital manipulation and media culture.


The title Deface Reface also speaks to the process of deconstructing and reconstructing an individual's face, which can have both physical and symbolic connotations. It suggests a critique of the commodification of appearance and the pressure to conform to an idealized image, as well as an exploration of the malleability of identity and the potential for transformation.


Overall, Deface Reface is an intriguing work that prompts us to reflect on the relationship between appearance, representation, and identity in contemporary society.


Valentino Manson, John Timberlake, Jack Obama, Iggy Hilton, 

Clint Pattinson, Christopher Hitchcock, Bill Clooney, 2014
Artist Book, digital print
Edition of 5

Numbered and signed

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