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Becoming the Brand

Coke-man, 1996

Coke-man is a painting that depicts the artist's avatar throwing a grenade-like object in the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle.


ChatGPT about the work:


The painting comments on the marketing behind a brand, particularly Coca-Cola, and the Coke-man is a personification of the brand, with the artist being part of the symbol of the registered trademark.


Visualizing the aggressive marketing behind making brands known and recognizable worldwide, the work depicts the avatar figure as a military or battle-like figure trying to spread the product in an aggressive manner.


Coke-man was created as a personification of the trademark, where the symbol for the registered trademark also refers to the artist's name Ramsø. The figure represents Ramsø himself and appears for a number of years in several works in different versions, including as Coke-man. All drawn by fellow artist Claus Handgaard Jørgensen. Works with the figure have been exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Gallerie Egelund and others. and has been acquired by, among others, the National Museum of Art (SMK), Lego, and art collector and businessman Mads Øvlisen.

Coke-man, ‬1996

Acrylic paint on canvas

120 ‬x 120 ‬cm

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