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Icon Relics 




Irma and Lego are original versions of the companies' respective house brands, uniquely executed in large format with high-gloss alkyd paint on canvas.


ChatGPT about the works:


Art can challenge our perception of what we normally see as part of our daily visual landscape. By transforming logos and badges into unique works of art, they no longer become just symbolic representations of products, but rather part of an artistic work with its own history and meaning.


At the same time, the artworks highlight the impermanence that is part of every business and their brands. While company logos and brands may be a part of our lives for a time, over time they will change or perhaps even disappear altogether. The artworks will stand as documentation of a time and place where these logos were part of our visual landscape.


In this way, the artworks help to challenge our perception of branding and trademarks. They show that while these symbols can have a powerful influence on our lives and culture, they are still only temporary markers of a particular time and enterprise.


The works were shown at the exhibition Greetings from Denmark, which was created in collaboration with visual artist Anne Marie Ploug.

Lego‭, ‬1992

Alkyd paint on canvas

150‭ ‬x 150‭ ‬cm

Irma, ‬1992

Alkyd paint on canvas

150‭ ‬x 150‭ ‬cm

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